Thursday, October 29, 2015


An ounce of practice is worth a ton of learning.
Doing poor or feeble practice in the worst of times is far more meritorious than doing a good practice in the best of times.
Prashant Iyengar                                                                                                                                               
Practice is a taste of the sacred. It is about health – mental, psychological, physical and spiritual health. Fitness happens quickly with a big energy output. Health takes a long time. This is where practicing comes in. We learn to do it by doing it.
You cannot imagine the conversations I have convincing myself to practice. When practice is intended for the end of day, often I procrastinate as long as I can until I might not do it at all.
People who know me cannot believe this about me. They always tell me, “You’re so disciplined.” Little do they know that the conversations I have with myself give meaning to the word struggle.
What I know from years of practicing is that it transforms me. There are dragons to battle in the world - frustration, despair - as well as demons within. But there is a possibility of transfiguration with practice. Practice makes me different. I know how hard it is. If I don’t want to do it, I do it anyway.
Think of practice as having a flashlight to explore dark (scary) places. The more we practice the more our eyes get used to the dark. The challenge is to switch on the flashlight
 The glory and splendor of practice is like a telescope with immense power, opening gradually and incrementally when the sun sets and the dark presents itself. The greater the opening, the greater the space, the more observation, the more we can see ‘in the dark’.
There is so much more to being a human being than we realize. When we penetrate inwardly, we make a connection to the divine. We meet our true selves. 
Ultimately, what I learn from practice is that it does not make perfect and that I can not control anything - except what I put in my mouth, literally and figuratively. Yet practice gets inside like the most delicious food.