Monday, April 05, 2010


We've crossed through the Sea of Reeds. I want to be a thinking reed. A reed produces sound. The combination of our breath and one reed in a single wind instrument makes music. Enough reeds and we can comb our hair and, look, the reed expressing itself out of marshes, from water, to bend in the wind and yet remain 'rooted'.
Our skeletons are like reeds. Our bones may seem like stone, but they are alive. “In many ways, bones are more animate than the muscles and fat draped over them or the quivering visceral organs they protectively encage.” NY Times Science Times April 28, 2009 – Bone, A Masterpiece of Elastic Strength. Like reeds.
What roots ourselves, our skeletons, in the marshes is awareness. Awareness is the absolute anchor. It is the lynchpin, the mainstay, and the foundation. It is portable. It can be brought along without baggage.
The most magical places are in our own minds. Not able to return yet to Cambodia, Bali, I let my imagination loose and dream. I dream to be a thinking reed.