Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In Between

Saw RED. Eddie Redmayne is thrilling: a brilliant performance full of Brando-like physicality. The play is hardly a 'drama', more a kind of abstract exegesis on art.
Tricia Brown dancers at Baryshnikov Art Center were sublime while challenging. Her work is hugely provocative. And finally got around to see Eastern Promises. I hope there will be a sequel. Hard as parts of it were to watch (I actually plugged my ears and lay on my stomach away from the screen in one scene) Viggo Mortensen is mesmerizing; the film is packed with colorful and authentic individuals and there was artful suspense and then what twists unfolded!
One night with the Juilliard Orchestra at Alice Tully (hate the acoustics but the wood is pretty to look at and imagine as the trees they once were). The program included Ligeti and I finally 'got it' - think 2001:A Space Odyssey - even after years and years of Christopher Wheeldon's ballets. Thank you Alan Gilbert. And all the passionate musicians, young and enthusiastic!
Pain is life’s chaperone. The pain of being born;arthritis pain;heartbreak;growing pains. Pain is the utter bell ringer, calling us while it is warning us away.
I want to be sensitive - responsive and alive - which means being fragile and vulnerable.
The struggle is to create sinews of awareness and remain open while letting in and letting out. Breathing in and breathing out. The Iceland Volcano is breathing out.