Thursday, March 03, 2016


I believe in curiosity, in diving into others, into the dissimilar and deep into myself. I am a seeker. 
I have the compulsion to try and connect with something just out of reach - like trying to catch a tiger, a search for something that constantly eludes me, searching for something I refuse to let go of.
I want to taste the deeper currents of existence, an occasional privilege. Gobble gobble.
The body is the framework for all our bodies; the outer body is the frame for the organic body.
The physical body is a window into our interiors where there are involutions and evolutions like Nature, like temperature and rainfall and fire, clouds and sun.
We are like the Big Island of Hawaii where nine of the world’s eleven climate zones exist on one island. Our body is like a mass of climate zones.
We have fiery brains, warm and cold hearts, warm and cold hands and sometimes cold feet.
We express these manifold interior bodies in our skeletons and through our skin.
We extend through our hand gestures and the set of our mouths as much as the words we voice, text, and think.
Our handshakes and hugs are the intersections of our emotional body, mental body, intellectual body and body in space.
The world wobbles: it spins on an axis that is moving and long ago scientists noted that this axis also wobbles.
Scientists believe that tectonic plates of the earth's crust drift around the globe like, for instance, the Pacific plate that is the Hawaiian Islands.
The islands are like a gigantic raft and have been in the process of creation and dissolution for about twenty million years. Kaua'i has moved 350 miles since it was born and now is less than half of its original size.
Some day like other islands, Hawaii will have moved on. We do not know where it will sit eventually.
If Hawaii, why not us? What do we know about where anything will be eventually?
We wobble. We move around and the world moves around us. The word ‘forever’ is the miracle of gliding on and being reborn.