Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Horizon is Always Moving

Residing on Kauai on the southern side of this circular island with its trade winds cooling its tropical temps. Tek is delivering coconut water to me in gallon jugs. These are days of soft tranquil beauty. I am seeking skill in practice, learning to be skillful. It is one thing to study and practice and another thing to create it ongoingly. I am looking to push my inner limits; to have power and force without volume and make bold moves.
The Hawaiians were so skillful: built a civilization with what arrived on the three W's: wind, wing, water. On this archipelago destitute of metals - with only wood, stone and bone - they created a universe for us all to emulate. They cultivated their memories for mele - song - and Ka'ao - story - to dance - hula - and chant - oli - and deliver their oral traidtion of folktales to generations. What about us? Do we have good memory? Are we using our minds or are our minds using us?
Living on this cluster of volcanic craters and coral reefs, two thousand miles from any inhabitable land, I look out at the horizon, try to keep a level head, I want to point toward the horizon, always moving, the earth in flux, turning on its axis